We are a team of committed volunteers who make an annual month-long journey into the most remote regions of the Himalayas and Tibetan Plateau to provide medical and humanitarian aid. We train local healthcare providers and meet the healthcare needs of those who live in these isolated mountain communities.

How   We   Serve

  1. Providing training to locals responsible for assisting with health care in remote villages
  2. Collaboration with and training for traditional Tibetan and Nepali medical practitioners
  3. Providing clinics to serve the specific needs of women, girls, and elders.
  4. And much more...

Treating Children

In 2012 nearly 5000 children were treated for...

Women’s Medical Needs

The Nomads Clinic staff includes a number of...

Health Education

In every village, we provide health education on...

Our Story

The Video above is from a journey we took to Eastern Tibet in 2006.

Humla Nomads Clinic 2014

Humla is a remote area in northwestern Nepal where we have served for many years. It is in the heart of the Himalayas, just below Mount Kailash, a place of traditional Hindu and Tibetan cultures, hanging above the rushing blue Karnali River. We have worked in this region for almost fifteen years and have deep connections with the people and the place.



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