How We Serve

  1. Deliver direct medical care to peoples (particularly women and children) in remote, high altitude, rural areas of the Himalayas
  2. Train and mentor Nepali clinicians and health care workers who serve in the Himalaya region
  3. Provide training to the local people responsible for assisting with health care in the remote villages of Nepal.
  4. Collaborate with and provide training to traditional Tibetan and Nepali medical practitioners in the communities we visit
  5. Provide clinics to serve the specific needs of women, girls, and elders.
  6. De-worming campaign for children.
  7. Hold eye clinics and distribute reading glasses/sunglasses to preserve vision and provide protection from the extreme sun exposure at high altitudes.
  8. Fund treatments and transport people with life threatening injuries or
  9. Provide shoes, warm clothing, hats, solar lights.
  10. Distribute solar lights (Little Suns), toothbrushes, eye and sun glasses, and other health necessities
  11. Provide ongoing support for the education of Nepali health care workers who join our medical team, a network of young Nepali clinicians from Solu Khumbu (Everest region), Mustang, Gorkha, Humla, and Dolpo
  12. Transform the experience of Western clinicians
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