Urgent Needs & Donations

Even a modest donation can help our nomads fulfill their mission in Nepal. Click the button below to make a secure donation online using your credit card.

Upaya Zen Center collects donations on behalf of Nomads Clinic, so your donations are fully tax-deductible.

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Your donations will cover:

  • Medicines purchased and transported from the United States
  • Medicines purchased in Nepal
  • Medical translators and their expenses
  • Transport of medicines and supplies on the pilgrimage
  • Emergency evacuation of patients to medical centers in Nepal who can’t be treated in the mountains
  • Hospitalization and treatment of patients in critical condition who can’t be treated in the mountains
  • Support for Dr. Amchi Gyatso Bista, Amchi’s assistant, Dr. Sonam and compounding of Tibetan medicines

Our most urgent needs include:

Medical Supplies

  • Deworming medication
  • Common drugs
  • Specialized medical supplies and drugs

Non-Medical Supplies

  • Sunglasses
  • Reading Glasses (Lower to medium range powers 1.5-2.5 80+% less of +3or4 20%)
  • Hats / Visors
  • Shoes
  • Fleeces
  • Pocket knives
  • Solar flash lights (e.g. “Little Suns”)


“When I first learned of the Nomads Clinic my heart leap out of my chest. It is a dream come true of and for healthcare practitioners venturing into remote territories and treating people who are in great need of supplies and basic heath exams. The annual treks back into these territories has offered a consistent follow through for people of all ages. There are very few places where people have been so cut off from such fundamental needs and the Nomads Clinic delvers right into the heart of these communities.”

Julie, Nomads Clinic Donor


My wife Deb completed the 2012 pilgrimage and nomads clinic. She returned forever changed in the most beautiful ways imaginable, in part because of the natural beauty, but more so from her experience with the people and the clinics… I may never travel to Nepal, but I know her mountain nomads are among the world’s strongest, resilient, and happy people. I find it easy to help support Roshi Joan’s devotion and commitment to help her Himalayan friends flourish!

Jeff, Nomads Clinic Donor


“I am honored that I got to see the good work that was done with the nomads when we traveled thru Humla in 1999… That was a life-changing experience!”

Maia, Nomads Clinic supporter